Kanye West's Ex-Bodyguard Threatens To Sue the Rapper, Calls Kim & Kanye "Egotists"

June 29, 2020

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Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File



There's no love lost between Kanye West and his former bodyguard, as Page Six reports that Steve Stanulis is threatening to sue the rapper. The latter filed a cease-and-desist letter and floated the possibility of a $10 million lawsuit after Stanulis allegedly violating an NDA by making “false and defamatory” comments about West on a podcast, including that the rapper was his “neediest, moodiest client” ever. Stanulis, however, is claiming that he never signed any such papers. A letter filed by his lawyer states, “Any efforts undertaken by your clients to enforce any purported ‘confidentiality agreement’ will be met with counterclaims, that will seek significant damages, along with court costs and legal fees.” Attorney Dmitriy Shakhnevich further tells Page Six that "our client is being bullied here, and we will not stand for that.” Stanulis himself adds, “I’m not going to let Kanye West and [his wife, Kim Kardashian, whose signature also appeared on the cease and desist] push me around just because they are rich and famous. I’m won’t be intimated by these two egotists!”