Cardi B, Master P & French Montana Sued For Sampling Same Song

August 14, 2019
(Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)
Here's something you don't see every day: Cardi B, French Montana and Master P are all being sued for sampling the same song. According to the Blast, the beats in question were allegedly originally created by Louisiana DJ JMK in 2000, and popularized on the song "Choppa Style" by the rapper Choppa. However, Choppa's record label, Take Fo' Records, cut JMK out of payment by creating a new version of the song by re-recording the "horn riff, arrangement and melody" of the original song. Another infringing version of the song allegedly popped up after Choppa hooked up with Master P's No Limit Records--and later surfaced on the Cardi B and City Girls tune "Twerk" and Yo Gotti and French Montana's "Oh Yeah." DJ JMK is seeking damages from the rappers in question, as well as record labels, on the grounds of copyright infringement and breach of contract.