Artist Spotlight - Stephanie Poetri

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Live 105.5 Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Poetri

A natural-born storyteller, Stephanie Poetri is a 20 year-old singer and songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up within a family full of creatives, it’s no surprise that Stephanie has chosen to pursue her passion in music. Stephanie prides herself in transforming stories from movies, friends, and experiences into charming lyrics that transcend age demographics and geographical limitations.

With a true love for all things music and art, Stephanie actively chooses to create every day whether it be music, artwork, memes, or makeup tutorials. Stephanie initiates the means to engage with all of those whose eyes are on her.

Stephanie prides herself in natural, feel-good musical arrangements that she understands is missing from modern discographies. Always striving to keep her craft organic and positive, Stephanie remains true to herself despite her global virality. She aims to create music that is progressively relatable and easy to understand by her followers, who she perceives as social collaborators.

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